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Automated Machine and Parts Supplier

GS Automation Technology Pte Ltd is one of the leading automation solution providers in Southeast Asia. Headquarter based in Singapore and with an emphasis on supplying wide range of top-notch semiconductor equipment, GS Automation Technology Pte Ltd has a team of professional and well-experienced employees ensuring the success of every of its customers.

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Our organization are strong and prosperous.


High Productive Machine

Supply high quality and effectively machinery.


Professional and Well-experienced workers

Serve large number of domestic and international clients


GS Automation Technology Pte Ltd is the industrial and lab-based solutions provider- in cooperation with leading field of semiconductor, data storage technologies, nanotechnology, R&D, Institutions and innovation centers. With a team of committed engineers, GS Automation Technology Pte Ltd always ready to offer close support to end users and maximizing their production yield and a quick return on their investment.



Replaceable Parts

We also sell precision molded replaceable rubber tips incase if customer only want to buy part of machine only such as bakelite nozzle.

Deepen quality management and Improve product quality

With an emphasis on supplying top-notch semiconductor equipment, our workers that will check the product quality before it reaches to your hands.

Semiconductor packaging equipment

Die sorter, wirebonder, die bonder etc


One-stop automation solution

Industrial 4.0


Semiconductor suppliers

Customized suction nozzle etc


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